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With 25 years of proven success and experience...

WLI is here for you, both of you; the PRESENT you and the NEW you.

We are here for the PRESENT you, to evaluate, teach, train, inform, coach and mentor you towards the NEW you.

We are here for the NEW you to help you maintain your newly acquired form (SELF) and to help you continue to improve through education, supplementation, counseling and continued mentoring and encouragement.

[Note: we changed the word "form" to "SELF" because our clients have told us that we have not only helped them acquire a new bodily shape or form, but that with that came new self esteem, confidence, strength, energy, and a desire for new challenges and experiences. We'll let you be the judge of that!]

Be advised though, that with your first FREE consultation, you will create a third you, the OLD you. With that first all important step, you will have already begun the transformation process towards the new you and thus created an OLD you, never to return again!

Enjoy and benefit from our:

  • Individualized programs designed for YOUR lifestyle.

  • One on One counseling and support.

WLI now offers:

Two GREAT programs to choose from:

***Our wonderful "Traditional" Weight loss Program***
(where you can lose 2-6 pounds per week!)
Lots of New delicious products!


 ***Our New AMAZING  "Breakthrough" Plan***
(where you can lose 1/2 to 2 pounds per day!!!)

Both Programs use real everyday foods!

***All plans can be done by Email, phone or in person.***


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A Way to Live!... LOSE! AND KEEP IT OFF!


Jeff did it!

...as did Deborah!

And so did many, many  more of our clients!!!

Now it's YOUR turn.
What are you waiting for?

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Improve Health - Look & Feel Better - Increase Energy & Stamina - Reduce Blood Pressure - Reduce Stress - Reduce Risk of Heart Attack

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